Follow as Bhagavan says

Follow as Bhagavan says

It was a small Gurukulam; there were so many small children who were part of that Gurukulam. The Guru taught them all they needed.

Follow as Bhagavan saysOne day, when the guru was teaching, a student stood up as asked "Guruji! I could not read Bhagavath Geethai fully and also there is no time for it. So, please tell us which part if read, will give us the complete satisfaction; please tell us which part we can learn."

Guruji said "Read the last Adhyayam. It will give the complete explanation of all".

Once again the student asked "Guruji" I wanted even more simplified!

Guru once again says "Ok, just read the last slokam of the last Adhyayam".

Without learning, the student once again asks "Please tell us one word which satisfies even this".

Follow as Bhagavan saysThe guru says "lead your life without any sorrow". By saying this, the guru says that this is the essence and if it is followed, your life will be better always.

But, the student questions once again.

"Guruji! This seems to be very useful and simple. But, how a person can lead the life without any sorrow?"

For this, the guru says "Follow as how Bhagavan says". If you follow the ways what He has said, your life will have a great meaning and will be without sorrows.

Finally, the student asks "Guruji! Thanks but what is Bhagavan saying?"

The guru very silently answers "For this, you have read the Bhagavath Geethai fully. By reading the entire Geethai, you will come to know what He is telling".

At present all are like the small kid who questioned the Guru. Simplification can be in certain issues but not in all. Reading the entire thing lets us to know what the reason is behind. So, Children try reading Bhagavath Geethai; ask your parents to read for you and you will get to know lots of useful meanings from it.

What children, have you started to ask about Bhagavath Geethai to your parents?